Why You Should Hire a CSEP
(Certified Special Events Professional)

When it's time to do your taxes you probably feel more comfortable bringing your business to a CPA. You wouldn't think about making a medical appointment with someone other than an MD or some kind of medical specialist. And, you wouldn't trust your legal fate with someone who has not earned their JD. In each case, an individual has met standards and fulfilled requirements to achieve their degree or certification. Neither is easy to attain. They all take a lot of hard work, dedication, time and most of all commitment. So does the CSEP, the Certified Special Events Professional.

The CSEP designation is the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience, and service to the industry, portfolio presentation and examination. The CSEP reflects a commitment to professional conduct and ethics.

The CSEP designation is awarded by the International Special Events Society (ISES) and its Certification Committee. ISES is the only international umbrella organization representing professionals in all disciplines of the special events industry. Education and a commitment to professionalism are cornerstones of ISES.
ISES Member

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