Event Goals & Analysis
Before we design what the event will look like, we first look at who is attending, when the event is taking place, where the event will be held, and why the event is being planned. Then we discuss with you the "must haves" of the event. These "must haves" then become our focus in researching, designing, planning, and coordinating the event. We judge the success of your event on how well the "must haves" are met. Finally, we conduct a strategic analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of both your organization and event. This is necessary in order to maximize your current resources and minimize obstacles.

Communication is key to a successful event. Our staff will be available for all necessary meetings with appropriate notification. We will ensure that you are informed at all times and consulted when necessary.

Timeline & Production Schedule
Dave Edwards Events Inc. will develop a comprehensive timeline including benchmarks for all logistical aspects of the event planning process. We will then produce a detailed agenda that includes all aspects of the event, from load-in to load-out.

Budget & Payment Schedule
Dave Edwards Events Inc. will create and maintain the overall event budget based on your goals. We will work with you in designing an event budget that meets your needs. This is based on the amount of your staff involvement in the event process, your contributions to the event, and the amount of coordination required from Dave Edwards Events Inc. We have a proven record of bringing events, at or under budget while maximizing their impact. We can develop, as part of the timetable, a payment schedule letting you know when vendor accounts are due. We will also submit any required paperwork.

Site Selection & Inspection
We begin by helping you select the perfect location for your event. Ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests is paramount to the success of your event. Dave Edwards Events Inc. staff continually updates its library of sites to help steer you to the best possible venue. It doesn't stop with just a mere suggestion either. A staff person will accompany you on all venue site visits to make sure that the venue is right for you.

Event Marketing Material
Dave Edwards Events Inc. will work with you and your graphic artist to design strategic marketing materials based on both the organization's and the event's goals and objectives. These materials will be designed with the interests of your core demographic. We will ensure a consistent image that reflects both the organization and event brand. These marketing materials will include a "save the date", invitation, website notification and other collateral material as needed.

Vendor Recommendation
Professionalism and Integrity - not mere words to Dave Edwards Events Inc., or to the professionals who we recommend to you. All vendors utilized by Dave Edwards Events Inc. must adhere to the same standards and principles that are the driving force behind the success of Dave Edwards Events Inc. We have an established relationship with a number of vendors in the Greater Washington, DC area and nationwide. We are pros at utilizing appropriate vendors for the unique aspects of each event. We will help you select the best possible vendor based on the overall goals and objectives of both the organization and the event. These vendors may include: venue, catering, entertainment, decor, floral, sound, lighting, photography, videography, transportation and invitations.

Dave Edwards Events Inc. will submit up to 3 vendor bids per project to the organization. We will review the bids and make recommendations based on our industry experience and contacts. We will also assist with vendor negotiations to get the most effective product or services at the most cost effective price.

Vendor Negotiations & Contract Review
Dave Edwards Events Inc. will request, collect and review all vendor contracts with your interests in mind. All recommendations are based solely on our past experience with building an efficient and effective event team. We only work with event professionals whose standards match ours, thus ensuring our clients have the best possible production staff available. Dave Edwards Events Inc. looks out for you and your budget. We work with the best to ensure you get the best. We then review each contract with your best interests in mind. All vendor contracts will be approved and signed by you.

VIP Management
Dave Edwards Events Inc. has years of experience working with local, regional, and federal government officials as well as celebrities. Dave Edwards, CSEP, has served on a Presidential Advance Team. Bill Knight, CSEP, has worked with numerous celebrities and government officials such as Mary Chapin Carpenter, Ted Turner, Secretaries of the Interior, Cecil Andrus and Bruce Babbitt as well as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. We will work with you to utilize needed personnel, as appropriate, for VIP management.

Theme Design
From simple to elegant Dave Edwards Events Inc. will help you create the perfect event environment to enhance your event and carry your theme or message throughout.

From one room to hundreds Dave Edwards Events Inc. will be happy to find you accommodations that suite your guests needs and budgets.

Logistics & On-Site Coordination
From the pre-conference to the load out of the event we want you to let us handle the details so you can be a guest at your own event. Our team is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. This ensures proper set up and break down of your event and makes sure that your interests are always represented.

Registration & Data Base Management
Smooth and easy…that's Dave Edwards Events Inc. motto for registration. From attendee packets to name badges Dave Edwards Events Inc. does it all. And, we will design and manage your data utilizing either Excel and/or Word format.

Destination Management
Dave Edwards Events Inc. can arrange everything from meet and greets for your guests to full shuttle service.

Gifts & Favors
Dave Edwards Events Inc. helps you select the perfect welcome or parting gift that will be the talk of your guests for years to come.

Dave Edwards Events Inc. will perform a comprehensive evaluation of all business development and event services and suggest recommendations for the following year with your key staff.

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