10 Questions You Should Ask Your Event Planner

  1. What is your event experience?
    Not only do you want a planner with experience, but you want one with experience in events similar to yours. Your planner should have knowledge of different types of events as well as different aspects of events.

    Dave Edwards Events Inc. has over 12 years experience working on different types of events such as trade shows, corporate events, social events, reunions and large public events.

    We also have experience with the different aspects of the event industry such as catering, destination management, invitations, transportation and entertainment. And, because of our years of experience, we have developed an established network of quality vendors that we trust to provide superb service for your event.

  2. Do you have a professional certification?
    When you are having your taxes done, you want to hire a CPA instead of a bookkeeper. A certification shows that your planner has the necessary experience, education and commitment to the industry that will guarantee you the highest quality of service.

    Dave Edwards is one of 170, worldwide, that has the Certified Special Event Professional designation (CSEP). The CSEP is the hallmark of professional achievement in the special events industry. It is earned through education, performance, experience and service to the industry, and reflects a commitment to professional conduct and ethics.

  3. Can I get references?
    You want to be able to confirm that your planner has the knowledge and experience you require. And, you want to know that they are committed to the highest ethical standards.

    Dave Edwards Events Inc. will provide references tailored to your type of event. And, we're committed to do all of our events with integrity. That's why we subscribe to the International Special Events Society Code of Ethics. Our references will attest that we're committed to passion, integrity, creativity and attention to detail.

  4. Do you make contingency plans?
    Even the best plans can have little bumps. A good planner will make emergency contingency plans as well as be able to calmly and professionally handle any problems that may arise at an event.

    Dave Edwards Events Inc. knows how to deal with crisis situations because we've been working on events for over 12 years. We have a risk management program designed to anticipate and deal with emergencies. We are also prepared to handle problems that may arise on-site.

  5. Can you work within my budget?
    Your event planner should respect your budget. Or, if you don't have one, help you develop one that is realistic. They should give you a la carte options so you are able to expand or reduce the scope of your event. They shouldn't agree to the event and then disregard your budget constraints.

    At Dave Edwards Events Inc. we respect your budget and will plan the best event possible within your constraints. We will tell you if your budget is unrealistic for the services requested, and will provide you with other options. Whatever your budget, Dave Edwards Events Inc. will work with you to make your event a grand one with no surprises.

  6. How are your fees generated?
    As a customer, it's your right to know what you will be charged and what services you will receive. Your event planner should clearly state all charges, services, and products in your contract.

    We know that your money is important to you. Dave Edwards Events Inc. will provide you with an up-front estimate. Our written contract clearly states all charges, services and products.

  7. How much do you pay attention to the details?
    It's the little details that make a great event. Your event planner should not only pay attention to the big things, they should also be aware of the little ones, so your event is seamless.

    We are known for worrying about the little things that others overlook. And, we don't let things fall through the cracks. We combine the magic of great event design with the mechanics of great event production. We handle all the details so you can relax and enjoy your event.

  8. Do you have insurance?
    You want to make sure your event planner has at least $1 million coverage to protect against loss at your event. You also want them to name you as "additional insured" on their policy to protect you. You will want to secure additional coverage for large public events and other functions with additional risk.

    Dave Edwards Events Inc. has $1 million coverage per occurrence, up to $2 million per year. We can also secure additional insurance for large public events and those where additional risks are possible.

  9. Are you active in your industry?
    You want an event planner that is networking with other planners, interacting with vendors and is up-to-date on new event locations, services and products.

    Dave Edwards is Director of Strategic Alliances for the largest International Special Events Society chapter in the world, the Greater Washington, DC chapter. He's also been an active member of the board for the past 4 years for the 450-member organization.

  10. How do you keep up-to-date with the latest trends?
    You want a planner that is aware of today's trends, not yesterday's old ideas. They should attend industry seminars and meetings and subscribe to event magazines in order to keep up to date with changing technologies and current trends.

    Dave Edwards Events Inc. values education. Every year we attend national, regional or local conferences and expos. We also attend monthly educational seminars. And, we keep current by reading event magazines and books and visiting event websites. This helps us provide you with the most creative and effective approach to your event.

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